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Pics courtesy of Ron Spillers - Class of ' 78

Spillers and Phil Campbell (' 76) judges for the Big Sis pumpkin carving contest

Ingersoll and Spillers sitting on the lap of "Santa Graz" (Don Grazzini Class of '76)

Jim Cornwall (' 78)

Cornwall visits Spillers in Alaska

Shreves with some girl.

Lynn Heimbigner (' 78) entertains in the "Corner Club."

Heimbigner showing off his muscles

Heimbigner in his farmer cap.

Heimbigner doing his impression of '70's TV detective "Barretta." Note the rubber duck on Heimbigner's shoulder. Barretta often had is pet Cockatoo on his shoulder.

Heimbigner passed out.

Jim Cornwall dressed as a girl as part of a "Sally Sunshine" contest where the girls dress the guys as girls and vice versa.

More "beauty contest" entrants.