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Pics courtesy of Doug Weiland - Class of ' 78

More pics of the award-winning display built by Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Kappa sorority for the Fall 1977 WSU homecoming display competition.

The display is finally finished. This is the part on the DTD front yard. The sign says "Smokey Says - Bears that play with Cougars get burned in the end zone." The figure on the far left covered in plastic is a Cougar football player. The brown furry figure on the wire is a "bear" with "CAL" painted on the side in blue letters. The bear will eventually be set on fire and "kicked" through the goal post.

This is the rest of the display on the SK front yard. You can see the finished goal post and a big sign on the side of the SK house explaining the theme of the display. Notice the little bears on the ground. Doug Weiland (' 78) is holding the end of the rope that will be used to pull the bear from the DTD yard through the goal posts.

A prediction of the final score of the WSU-CAL football game.

Testing the flame effect on the goal post.

A trial run, pulling the CAL "bear" along the wire from the DTD front yard through the goal posts on the SK front yard.

Flame On! The bear and goal posts are fired up for the homecoming display judges. We Win!

Gary "Trout" Bower on a mission.