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Pics courtesy of Jim Hoggatt - Class of '71

The original House (click here for history) at 906 Thatuna, which is now the Bookie parking lot, taken about 1965. Photo from Eric Fisher ('67 I think).

Another view of 906 Thatuna. Photo from Eric Fisher.

The old Nash hearse at 906 Thatuna. Not sure who the guys in picture are, anybody know? Photo from Eric Fisher.

Jim Stender (JS) wins a bet that he can come down from the library and take the corner in front of the Bookie at 50 mph in his 1962 MG Midget. In 1970 we drove that same car to the Karnea in Toronto!

Drinking was not allowed in the House at 906 Thatuna, so we utilized the fire escape. Can't tell who the highest people are. The dark jacket is Randy Racicky, then Dick Skordal (Slippery When Wet) and Eric Fisher.

Eric Fisher could fall asleep standing up in his room in the basement of 906 Thatuna.

Gary Greenman (Greenie) takes a nap before dinner in the living room of 906 Thatuna (1967-8).

Lanny Wanger, right, shows pledge Nick Helmer (the Welder) how to wash dishes in the Kitchen of 906 Thatuna (1967-8)

Bob Nasburg (Polack) in his room at 906 Thatuna (1967-8)

Randy Racicky (future Chapter President) studies for finals at 906 Thatuna. Those bottles of Coke were 25. Randy was one of two out of 11 in our pledge class to graduate, mostly due to the lottery draft. Randy died of cancer around 1989.

A young and clean-shaven Ray Romjue explains how he made his stereo out of two old car radios.

Ferdinand (Fritz) Schunk, our foreign exchange student from Germany, tries out the entrance to the "mattress room" in the basement TV room of 906 Thatuna in preparation for the pledge dance (1967-8)

Terry Shaw, future Chapter President, goes on a tradition "mattress ride" after pinning his bride-to-be.

Fred Chastain (Feral Child) poses among the mess in 906 Thatuna's living room as we leave on our "pledge sneak".

Dick Skordal, future Chapter President, and Jeff Hamminishi preparing stuffed Jim Hoggatt (jHog) in the kitchen of 906 Thatuna.

John Smoots poses at the entrance to the Cavern in 906 Thatuna.

The Hearse parked behind 906 Thatuna.

Tom Bond (TB), Chuck Drury (Gringo) and Jim Hoggatt prepare Blue Mountain chicken, liver and egg pizza for inspiration week in the dining room of the "new house". (1971?)

Ernie, the mummified buffalo fetus, poses with someone's art project in the basement of the new house.

Steve Helms (Screaming Chicken), Gringo and Dora Arnold (Arnie), our cook for many years, attempt to finish off last night's keg.

Off subject but historic. Jim Hoggatt poses with Maxine, owner of Larry's and Max's Slurp and Burp during the 1971-2 Bovill Run.