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Pics courtesy of Tom Addison - Class of '78

The following photos were taken by Doug Behrens ('78) and submitted to by Tom Addison ('78).

"8th of May" Kegger - 1975

We drove the old Nash hearse, several cars and two kegs of beer out to Eden Valley for the annual "8th of May" kegger. Those of you familiar with the WSU "8th of May" tradition may wonder why a bunch of guys would drive out into the woods to drink beer by themselves. And looking back on it now, you're absolutely right, it makes NO sense at all! But what the hell, we had fun any way.

Two kegs, no waiting!

Rich Dunham (in driver's seat) and (left to right) John "John Boy" Harris, Tom "TA" Addison and Steve Tytler drinking beer in the back of the hearse. All Class of '78.

Clive Freindenrich ('78) gets a beer.

Doug Behrens, '78 (right) joins John Harris (left) and Steve Tytler (center) for a beer in the hearse.

"We're Number One!"

The next drinking shift takes over in the hearse. Randy "Buddha" Collins,'75 (left); Clive Freindenrich (center) and Bruce "BA" Addison, ' 75 (right).

Another group takes their turn at the hearse (left to right): Marty Wilder ' 78, ???, Dave Clark 78, ???

Randy Rutherford (' 76) wearing a T-shirt bearing his favorite saying, "Get Drunk and Be Somebody."

Steve Tytler launches himself into the river from the rope swing.

Jim Anderson ('78) goes for a swim -- against his will.
Jim hits the water! Go dry off and grab a beer, Jim!

Gary Sperline, ' 76 (back to camera) leans against his '57 Chevy while Bruce Lucas, ' 75 (left) and Phil Campbell, ' 76 (right) kick back on a log by the river.

Tom Addison holds down the keg.

John Harris (left) and Sot.

Tom Addison showing off his cool T-shirt from WSU student radio station "KUGR."

Mike Nauroth and Tom Addison pause between beers.

Tom Addison smokes an end-of-party cigar.